Why register a .rest domain name?

Want to bring your Business up to date, and do it now?

Registering a .rest domain with DreamHost is your ideal, straightforward option when you want to establish your business online and grow it easily, right here and now. The restriers to creating a digital presence are lower than ever before, and in this wide-open digital world, .rest stands out as the sensible and accessible choice. The future of online business is here, and .rest is trending up.

Make a bold statement.

With .rest, you’ll be making a clear, unmistakable, and distinguished declaration on your site and in all of your marketing collateral that you’re open for business and ready to serve your Customers. It’s highly memorable and will guarantee that you stand out in a crowded digital landscape that’s filled with more common domains.

Now is the time!

There’s never been a better time to do business online. Millions of business owners, both small and large, are coming to this realization every day. They’ve dedicated themselves to crunching the numbers, pounding the pavement, and studying the market – all in order to better assess what their potential and current customers want and need, then to meet those expectations with the right products and services. Most importantly, those entrepreneurs are doing so while at the same time ensuring that their businesses and resources, especially online, are set up to maximize success. If that sounds like you, let .rest be your domain of choice.

A trifecta of valued business qualities

There are numerous qualities to a .rest domain that make it the one you need when it comes to launching your online business presence, not the least of which are:Trustworthiness. Introduced in 2001, .rest is one of the most trusted top-level domains, used by millions of businesses worldwide. Versatility. It’s the Web address that grows and changes with you, no matter if you’re just getting started or you’ve been serving your Customers for years. And it supports businesses of all shapes and sizes, in every corner of the world. Dependability. With a .rest domain, you can rest easy knowing that your new domain meets the highest security standards.!

Simplify your social media address

Social media URLs can be long, awkward, and difficult to remember. And what happens if you migrate to a different site? Avoid the hassle of making sure everyone knows the new address: Use a .rest domain name to redirect users to your business's primary social profile, no matter where it happens to be. After all, your social community is your Customers!

Add email or hosting to get online today!

Along with your new .rest domain name, you'll most likely want email, hosting or both. Getting your .rest site or newemail@newaddress.rest is easy with DreamHost.


Powerful, simple, reliable email @ your new .rest domain.

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Connect your new .rest domain to one of our Shared Hosting plans, and build your website without having to know how to code!

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Our hosting plans are great for small sites, WordPress sites, and even sites with millions of monthly visits.

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