Why register a .tech domain name?

You're in the tech industry.

Whether you specialize in solving customers' problems, or you're developing the next cutting-edge solution, registering a .tech domain name is the latest way to stand out in search results and clearly communicate your site's expertise.

You'd like to buy a vowel.

Lately, tech startups have been so desperate to find an available .com that they've even started dropping vowels from common words. But then you're left with a nearly indecipherable jumble of consonants. DrmHst.com …what the heck is that? With .tech, you get to keep your vowels with a domain that shows you're serious about technology.

It's perfect for…

Anyone in the tech industry: developers, startups, IT specialists, system administrators, security analysts, hackers, research firms, entrepreneurs, bloggers, online stores. If your site is about technology, then a .tech makes sense.

Add email or hosting to get online today!

Along with your new .tech domain name, you'll most likely want email, hosting or both. Getting your .tech site or newemail@newaddress.tech is easy with DreamHost.


Powerful, simple, reliable email @ your new .tech domain.

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Website Builder

Connect your new .tech domain to one of our Shared Hosting plans, and build your website without having to know how to code!

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Hosting for Everyone

Our hosting plans are great for small sites, WordPress sites, and even sites with millions of monthly visits.

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