All DreamShield protected websites include

Daily Malware Scans

Your website is automatically scanned for malicious software and harmful threats.

Email & Panel Alerts

When we spot something harmful to your website, we notify you right away.

Security Scan Reports

Take action with an emailed summary of detected security issues and recommended next steps.

Software Updated Notices

Stay one step ahead of attackers with proactive software update notifications for over a dozen popular CMS applications, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more.

File Access Protection

DreamShield detects insecure file permissions and blocks public access to vulnerable files.

Google Safe Browsing

Receive alerts if your website appears on Google's Safe Browsing threat list.

SSL Scans

Detect and resolve problems with your website′s HTTPS certificate.

Suspicious Login Detection

DreamShield notifies you when it detects unusual login activity.

Block Unauthorized Software

DreamShield automatically terminates remote processes running from compromised user accounts.

Safeguard your online presence


Your Security, At a Glance

The Website Security Overview offers a clear and concise view of your site’s security status, featuring indicators when DreamShield detects outdated software, malware, SSL/TLS errors, and more.

Access and Analyze

Dive deep into your security data with access to the last 30 days of DreamShield scan activity, enabling you to track and analyze trends and threats.

See the Big Picture

Managing multiple websites? No problem. DreamShield integrates seamlessly into the Manage Websites overview, displaying the security health status for all your sites in one convenient location.

For All Skill Levels

Whether you’re a web security expert or new to website management, DreamShield’s user-friendly design makes navigating complex security issues straightforward.